Photo A Day ~ 18 Mar

This photo proves that equipment and training only gets ya so far... the right opportunity has a LOT to do with what you can capture! My husband flies near Mount Fuji almost daily... and this is what he got with my 5mp Sony point-n-shoot back in December, on his way to his deployment... and better yet, this was shot through the front window of a military cargo plane! Look closely at the bottom half of the image. Those zig zag lines are the hiking trails going up the side of Mount Fuji. In August, he climbed to the very top with a group of friends. In December, you can only see a portion of the trail. We'll visit this amazing place again next summer... when it's not all covered in white! :)
This image is SOOC... resized & added watermark. I didn't take this photo, but I am SO proud of him for it! The small image doesn't do it justice! I couldn't resist giving him a little spot on my photo blog to show it off!


Photo A Day ~ 13 Mar

This cross belonged to my husband's grandmother. It's the only thing I have of hers with us here in Japan and it is precious to me. She was a strong woman, widowed very young with two children, and lived on her own until she was in her mid 90's. She passed away this past November at the age of 98. I walk by this cross every day and I am reminded of her. And her memory inspires me.

Canon dRebel XT, 50mm f1.8 lens
ss 1/10, f4.0, ISO 400
natural light, SOOC, resized for web


Photo A Day ~ 11 Mar

These two photos were actually taken on March 1st, but this was the first opportunity I've had to blog them. This was about an hour after my husband got home from his deployment. He was showing Noah some pictures of his trip on the laptop but Noah was more interested in playing with Daddy & his new watch!

Tom hides when I get the camera, but that night he couldn't stop smiling & didn't even turn away when I was taking pictures. :)

Both photos: ss 1/20, f. 1.8, ISO 800, taken with Canon dRebel XT, 50mm 1.8 lens... SOOC/resized for web.



I am SO SO SO excited for my friend Monica! She is starting her own scrapbooking website, online store and message board... and it's about to be revealed! She is awesome and I can't wait to help her build it to the awesome site I know she is capable of running! Here's a link... ScrapFreak ... it just went LIVE! :)

Oh, and I just have to say that I am proud to be part of !!!!!


Congrats Monica! It's awesome so far!!! Thanks for including me in your adventure!


Photo A Day ~ 4 March

Experimenting with exposure!

I'm taking an online photography course... and along with this week's assignment, there was also a mini lesson on exposure compensation. Here are my 3 shots while experimenting with exposures... taking 3 shots of the same object, with exposures of -1, 0, +1. The subject is nothing exciting... just a bowl of apples on my dining room table... but it's very obvious the exposure changed! Loving this class and it's only the first week!!!! :)

Taken with Canon dRebel XT, 50mm f1.8 lens... around 3pm, with kitchen/dining room lighting.

Photo1: ss 1/100, f1.8, ISO 1600 Photo2: ss 1/50, f1.8, ISO 1600 Photo3: ss 1/25, f1.8, ISO 1600 Resized for web & slightly sharpened.