January *PINK* Challenge!

As a mom of four boys, it's difficult to find pink items at my house! The January Color Challenge came at the perfect time because I have a small white Christmas tree decorated predominantly PINK! It's my girly contribution to the holiday decor! ;)

I grabbed a few of the pink glass ornaments and started snapping. I used the kit lens (18-55mm) and shot with the built-in flash & then without flash... and these were my favorite two! I'm convinced any good photos I get are purely accidental! I just recently got brave enough to shoot without the auto setting... and I know very little about all the bells & whistles on my dRebelXT!

ss 1/60, f 5.6, iso 400 (built-in flash)

ss 1/4, f 5.6, iso 400 (no flash)

As always, comments/criticism/advice welcome!


Just getting started!

It took me about 3 hours to decide on a name for my new blog. I wanted to use a Japanese word since that's where I am living right now, but I wasn't sure which word to use. Finally, I decided on a word that means "photograph". Seems fitting! :)

Now... just waiting on January 1st for the 2007 Photography Challenge to start!! You can check out the challenge blog here: http://photographychallenge.blogspot.com and the challenge chat on the photography message board at Two Peas In A Bucket: http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/mb.asp?cmd=list&forum_id=21 I'm excited for the challenge to start! I'm excited to learn and improve my photographs!

And while I was thinking of the challenge & improving my photographs, I decided to look back through some recent ones. I think these are a few of my favorites. It amazes me that a few were just happy accidents... with no set-up, no thought... just snapping & finding that one great shot when I download them to my laptop!

Soccer star!

Vertical View - Space Needle in Seattle:

Fresh Picked Strawberries:

A Daddy Moment - watching the planes:

Any and all CC is greatly appreciated!