Photo A Day ~ 7 Apr

More shots of the trees when I was out taking pics of the stop sign. These are the trees lining the street coming to my house. This street runs behind my house actually... I live on a corner lot & the back/side yard is that wall you saw in a previous POTD.

I moved here just after sakura season last year... missed this amazing view by just a week or two... and I keep looking at all of the trees as I drive. They are peaceful to me. I love how the trees cover the street... a full canopy of white blooms!


Kathy said...

Those are blossoms? Wow. I would almost guess snow or frost...I bet it is an awesome sight. Lucky you.
Nice capture.

tigger said...

HOLY moly... it almost looks like ice... gorgeous.

MsOktober said...

that is just stunning. at first I thought it was snow :)