So long 2008... Hello 2009!!!

wow. It seems like 2008 just zoomed right on by while I wasn't looking. I can't say I'm sad to see it come to an end though. It was a tough year. I spent way too much of it as a single mom, missing my traveling husband. I'm cautiously optomistic for 2009. Who knows if he'll travel as much... who knows if I'll snap & get committed to the padded room... who knows if the children will stage a coup... but I'm going to hope for the best. ;)

As 2008 came to an end, I decided this was the perfect time to start fresh. I couldn't let another year pass without giving myself a great big shove towards doing what I love. So, as the new year approached, I purchased a domain name, launched a website, filed for a business license, ordered business cards, set up accounts with professional printers, worked on my portfolio and now... FINALLY... I am stepping out in the world as "Dorothy Larson Photography"!!!! I've still got lots of work to do, but it feels great to really put some time & commitment into my photography. Now I just have to earn enough to pay for all of the equipment I want!!! :)

If ya want to check it out, here's the link: http://www.dorothylarsonphotography.com/ But expect some changes daily for a while. I am still figuring out what look I want and what information I want on the site. Be patient, k?


{monica} said...

Congrats Dorothy...I think that's perfect for you! You need to set aside more time for YOU this year. :hug:

~Jamie said...

Gratz! I love that you are following your heart! Your website is just fabulous, and your pictures are great as always! Good Luck!

kaz said...

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Anonymous said...

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